Graduate Courses

  • ECEN 5737 Adjustable Speed AC Drives 
  • ECEN 5797 Intro to Power Electronics 
  • ECEN 5807 Modeling and Control of Power Electronics Systems 
  • ECEN 5817 Soft-Switching and Resonant Techniques in Power Electronics
  • ECEN 5517 Photovoltaic Power Electronics Lab (offered every spring)
  • ECEN 5xx7 Project Laboratory in Power Electronics (offered every fall beginning F 2017)
  • ECEN 5017 Power Electronics for Electric Drivetrain Vehicles (offered every fall) 
  • ECEN 5737 Adjustable Speed AC Drives (offered every spring)
  • ECEN 5xx7 Electric Machines (to be offered beginning in 2017)
  • ECEN 5827 Analog IC Design (offered every fall) 
  • ECEN 5837 Mixed-Signal IC Design Lab (offered alternate spring semesters)
  • ECEN 5xx7 Integrated Circuits and Devices for Power Electronics (offered alternate spring semesters, beginning 2018)
  • ECEN 5008 Power System Analysis (offered every fall)
  • ECEN 5009 Renewable Energy and the Future Power Grid (offered every fall) 
  • ECEN 5xx7 Advances in Control and Optimization of the Power Grid (offered every spring) 
  • ECEN 5138 Control Systems Analysis (offered every fall semester)
  • ECEN 5458 Sampled Data and Digital Control Systems (offered every spring semester)
  • ECEN 5555 Energy Systems and Devices (offered every fall semester)