Information Technology

I. Introduction

  1. The following policy applies to crowdfunding campaigns or projects undertaken by any individual associated with the University of Colorado Boulder (“CU-Boulder”) (e.g. staff, faculty, students or administration) using or planning to use a third-party crowdfunding or crowdsourcing vendor, portal or service provider.
  2. Generally, crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or campaign by soliciting relatively small donations of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.


This document is intended to provide guidelines to System Administrators working within the CU-Boulder network. 

CU-Boulder has a robust computing and networking environment used by members of the campus community to create, discover, and share information electronically. All users must comply with the Acceptable Use of CU-Boulder’s IT Resources policy when using those resources. But, what does that policy mean in simple terms? This short summary will help you understand key concepts.

A. Purpose of the Policy

There is an expanding reliance on electronic communication among students, faculty, staff, and administration at the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Boulder). This is motivated by the convenience, speed, cost-effectiveness, and environmental advantages of using e-mail rather than printed communication. Because of this increasing reliance and acceptance of electronic communication, e-mail is considered an official means for communication within CU-Boulder.

A. Introductio​n

Most privileges and responsibilities for information technology (IT) resources are covered by the University of Colorado Administrative Policy Statement, “IT Security Program – IT Resource User Responsibilities” and “University Information Security Standards for Trusted Campus Authentication;” however, additional responsibilities are outlined below for appropriate uses of IT resources at the University of Colorado Boulder campus.


The purpose of this policy is to provide certain standards and requirements for the establishment of any pole-type antenna sites for wireless telecommunication services on Boulder Campus property by any University or non-University entity. "Antennas for Wireless Telecommunications Services" means antennas attached to buildings or existing structures for the purpose of providing wireless telecommunications services, utilizing frequencies authorized by the Federal

A. Introduction

The University of Colorado at Boulder's presence on the World Wide Web is essential to its mission of teaching, research, creative work, and public service. Thus, the university's web guidelines seeks to establish standards that will:


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