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I. Introduction

This policy covers the naming of major facilities at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  This includes buildings, wings of buildings, recreational fields, plazas, fountains, roadways, and similar facilities.  The policy also covers the naming of smaller facilities, such as classrooms, seminar rooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and interior portions of buildings.  Unless otherwise stated, the term "facilities" shall include both major and smaller facilities.

I. Introduction

A trademark is any word, symbol, or device used by a company/corporation to identify products or services and to distinguish them from those products or services offered by others. It can be a simple word, a logo, or even a slogan.

It is the policy of the University of Colorado at Boulder that all persons (faculty, student and staff) involved with the generation, handling and management of Hazardous Waste (HW) on Campus shall be properly trained and comply with all rules as specified by Federal and State regulations, permits and laws. HW Generators (HWGs) are responsible for training and management in their respective areas, as detailed below.


The Administration of the University of Colorado Boulder Campus is committed to protecting its students, faculty, staff, the public and the environment.  Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for developing and maintaining programs which promote health, safety and sound environmental management.  EH&S program elements include, but are not limited to:


In keeping with its mission, CU-Boulder is committed to providing an educational model for fiscally sound, environmentally responsible stewardship of the campus and its resources. The institution intends to maintain its reputation as a proactive leader in the environmental sciences and campus sustainability. The campus values choices and decisions that reduce the environmental impacts of its actions.  Compliance with the law is required. Environmental education and participation

I. Purpose

The University of Colorado at Boulder ("UCB") develops and adopts many different types of guidelines, statements, directives, procedures and policies. The purpose of this policy is: (1) to clearly distinguish between two types of documents (UCB Policies and Unit policies, procedures, directives, guidelines, and statements, as defined below), and (2) to establish a uniform and consistent practice to be followed by UCB in developing and adopting these documents.

Under extreme weather conditions or general emergency, the Chancellor may decide to close the campus early or not to open campus offices and departments, provided that "essential services" will be maintained. This memorandum provides general information and guidance regarding emergency leave.


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