Access to Student Mailing Lists


The University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Boulder) accepts requests for mailing lists of currently enrolled students.  A mailing list is any compilation of student names and addresses for the purpose of sending information or materials to that list via the U.S. Postal Service or Campus Mail.  The list may be in the form of a computer printout, mailing labels, or an electronic file.  The following policy defines the process by which such requests are reviewed, approved, and processed.

The Boulder Campus Student Mailing List Review Committee (“the Committee”) is responsible for the review and approval of all student mailing list requests from University-affiliated or non-affiliated businesses, groups, organizations, or individuals.  The Committee is appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

The Registrar’s Office will process requests for student mailing lists for use by Campus departments conducting University business.  Subject to the process set forth below, Mailing Services will process requests for mailing lists for use by other University-affiliated or non-affiliated businesses, groups, organizations, or individuals.


A. Access to Directory Information

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), CU-Boulder publishes the names and campus email addresses of currently enrolled students in the CU-Boulder Directory, a publication which is published both in hard copy and in electronic form on the web.  Although CU-Boulder has designated student addresses and other information as “directory information” under FERPA, it retains the right to deny public access to any information the disclosure of which it, in its discretion, considers to be harmful to students or a breach of student privacy.

B. Access to Mailing Lists

In compliance with this policy, CU-Boulder may, at its sole discretion, provide to requesters mailing lists of the names and addresses of currently enrolled CU-Boulder students.

The Committee may approve requests for mailing lists of currently enrolled students only for those purposes that promote the educational functions, business or programs of the University.  The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs may review the decision to release any mailing list and deny the release of any list to be used for a purpose s/he believes does not promote the educational functions, business or programs of the University.  Students who have designated limited or full privacy for release of their directory information will not be included on any mailing lists.

Any requestor wishing access to a mailing list(s) must submit a completed Student Mailing Agreement form in which s/he agrees to use the information only once as approved by the Committee, and to include in any document to be distributed to the list, a statement identifying the sender and stating whether or not the sender is affiliated with CU-Boulder.  In each case, the requester will be charged fees and the full cost of any list provided.

C. Access to Names and Addresses of Confirmed Students

Confirmed students who have not yet matriculated are not considered to be officially enrolled and, thus, it is not clear whether they are protected by FERPA.  Nonetheless, CU-Boulder believes that these students and their parents have a privacy interest and that the Colorado Open Records Act allows CU-Boulder to protect directory information, including names and addresses, of these students until such time as they have been given notice of their FERPA rights and a reasonable opportunity to exercise the opt-out options provided under FERPA.  Therefore, each academic semester, CU-Boulder will exclude from mailing lists the names and addresses of newly-confirmed students until completion of the first three weeks of the semester. This will allow a reasonable time for students to be notified of their FERPA rights, to familiarize themselves with the FERPA privacy options, and to decide whether they wish to designate limited or full privacy option related to their directory information. 

Nothing in this section precludes CU-Boulder from providing mailing lists of newly-confirmed students to CU-Boulder schools, colleges and departments or to University-affiliated businesses, groups, and organizations such as the CU Bookstore, Foundation or Alumni Association, if the purpose of the mailing clearly contributes to the University’s academic process and students’ academic progress or development at the university including, but not limited to, recruitment, financial aid, orientation, or other educational functions as determined by the Committee. 

Effective Date

Friday, July 20, 2007

Approved By

G. P. "Bud" Peterson, Chancellor


Student Privacy Committee
Director of Admissions
Office of the University Counsel