Researchers in PER@C are PI's on a number of local and national grants. These include:

2009-2015 NSF DUE: #0934921 Otero, Finkelstein
STEM Colorado's Streamline to Mastery

2009-2012 NSF DUE: #0910373 Finkelstein
Understanding and Reducing the Gender Gap in Math and Science: Cognitive, Social, and Neural Mechanisms in Identity Threat

2009-2012 NSF DUE: #0833258 Otero, Pollock, Finkelstein
STEM Colorado/ Noyce Teacher Scholoarship Program

2008-2010 NSF DUE: #0817582 Perkins, Wieman, Finkelstein
Physics and Chemistry Education Technology Project

2008-2011 NSF DRL: #0833364 Finkelstein
I3: Towards a Center for STEM Education

2008-2009 NSF DUE: #0737118 Perkins, Dubson, Pollock, Finkelstein
Using a Research-based Approach to Reform Upper-division Quantum I and E&M I

2006-2010 NSF ESI: #0554616 Otero, Pollock
Learning Assistant Model of Teacher Education in Science and Technology

2005-2009 NSF DUE: #0442841 Wieman, Perkins, Finkelstein
Physics Education Technology Project

2005-2010 NSF REC: #0448176 Finkelstein
CAREER: Physics Education Research and Contexts of Student Learning

2005-2009 NSF DUE: #0434144 Otero
Colorado STEM/Noyce Fellowship Program

2004-2007 NSF DUE:#0410744 Finkelstein, Pollock, Dubson
Implementing Tutorials Sustainably: Restructuring Undergraduate Recitations and Laboratories in Introductory Physics

APS: PhysTEC: Finkelstein, Pollock, Otero, Dubson
The Colorado PhysTEC Project