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CU LEAD Alliance


The CU LEAD Alliance is a unique set of academic learning communities whose students, faculty and staff are united to promote inclusive excellence. These “academic neighborhoods” build camaraderie and promote student success during the first-year and throughout students’ four years through a rich array of: 1) cohort experiences, 2) participation scholarships, 3) academic enrichment activities, and 4) community-building activities.


In CU LEAD, we believe “No one does it alone.”

 CU-Lead Alliance students at commencement


University-Wide Programs

These programs cross-cut the entire CU Boulder campus to promote academic excellence and student success in all disciplines.  For more information, click here.

 CU-Lead Alliance Symposium


Discipline-Specific Programs

Other CU LEAD Alliance programs promote student advancement and knowledge within their specific disciplines.  Click here for more information.

Journalism Diversity Scholars summer retreat


Affiliate Programs

These programs work in tandem with the CU LEAD Alliance to promote student academic excellence and achievement.

Student Advisory Group 2006