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Student moving in

CU's increasing diversity benefits university, state

It's good news that this year's freshman class at the University of Colorado at Boulder includes 22 percent minority students.

Current student body is campus' most diverse ever, officials say.

Research class focuses on first-generation students at CU.

Regents hear details of past year's gains.

Nearly all students who go through the college prep program continue to college.

Minority students increased 16 percent this year over last.

CU weighs in on campus diversity and the use of affirmative action

CU Admissions boasts an increasingly diverse campus with each passing year.

Boulder Valley middle school students spend six-and-a-half weeks at the Family Learning Center taking a culture, race and identity class.

The University of Colorado's pre-collegiate development program targets middle school and high school students from across the Front Range to help them and their families learn what it takes to navigate the collegiate environment.

University of Colorado officials affirm success of Roaring Fork program whose goal is to help students throughout Garfield County prepare themselves for college.

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Education Department teamed up with the University of Colorado Boulder’s Indigenous Alliance Program to teach Southern Ute students to build computers. At the end of the program, each student took home their own machine.

Students from the Ute Mountain Ute tribe learned the ins and outs of building computers as part of the University of Colorado Indigenous Alliance program.