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CU-LEAD Alliance Neighborhoods

Some CU-LEAD Alliance programs are specific to a particular school or college while others serve students across disciplines. Read through the descriptions below to see which would work best for you depending on your field of study and areas of interest.

Programs Specific to School/College:
  • Architecture and Planning
    Designers Without Boundaries,
    This new CU-LEAD Alliance program in the College of Architecture and Planning promotes diversity and supports academic excellence toward the graduation of the pre-professional student who chooses to emphasize architecture, planning and design studies.   Program Overview
  • Arts and Sciences
    Miramontes Arts and Sciences Program (MASP),
    A College of Arts and Sciences academic excellence community dedicated to increasing diversity and assisting students interested in pursuing humanities and social science degrees. Program Overview   Program Report
  • Business
    Diverse Scholars Program ,

    A program in the Leeds School of Business that supports the recruitment, achievement, and graduation of business students from diverse backgrounds by strengthening the academic relationship between students, faculty, and staff within the Leeds School of Business.   Program Overview   Program Report
  • Education
    Education Diversity Scholars Program,
    A School of Education program that promotes diversity and academic excellence by providing a welcoming and encouraging environment for students from diverse backgrounds in all stages of their college education. Students have many opportunities to interact with faculty, fellow students, and teachers already in the field.   Program Overview   Program Report
  • Engineering
    The BOLD (Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity)
    , 303-492-6606
    A College of Engineering and Applied Science academic excellence community that is dedicated to the success of multicultural and first generation students historically underrespresented in engineering and applied science.
    Program Overview   Program Report
  • Journalism
    Journalism Diversity Scholars Program
    , 303-492-4758
    A School of Journalism and Mass Communication academic excellence program that is dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and graduating outstanding students from diverse backgrounds with the skills and support to excel as media professionals in journalism and related fields.   Program Overview   Program Report
  • Music
    Diverse Musicians Alliance Program,
    A developing CU-LEAD Alliance neighborhood that assists students from diverse backgrounds succeed in their pursuits in the College of Music.   Program Overview   Program Report
Programs Serving Students Across Schools/Colleges:

Affiliated Programs

  • Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) , 303-492-5666
    cuc staff The CMA complements the CU-LEAD Alliance neighborhoods by offering services designed to help students feel empowered to explore, develop, and realize their academic, personal, and cultural strengths, as well as to help them make valuable connections within the university community.   CMA Report

  • First Generation Scholars Program, 303-492-5667
    A comprehensive Center for Multicultural Affairs program that is designed to foster individual academic excellence as well as to enhance social development through active participation in community building opportunities. Program Overview   Program Report
  • White Antelope Memorial Scholarship Program (WAMS),
    A Center for Multicultural Affairs program that assists American Indian students toward the successful completion of their undergraduate degrees, while cultivating, sustaining, and building support within the CU American Indian community.
    Program Overview   Program Report
  • Career Services, 303-492-6541
    The Office of Career Services supports the CU-LEAD Alliance academic neighborhoods and the university by serving as a comprehensive career center for students.   Career counselors assist students with clarifying interest, values and skills, choosing majors, and exploring potential careers.

Feeder Programs

  • Academic Excellence Program, 303-492-3842
    AEP is a federal Trio program designed to increase college retention and graduation rates for eligible students, to foster an institutional climate supportive of the success of low income and first generation college students and individuals with disabilities, and to assist participants in the preparation and matriculation into graduate school by encouraging competitive graduation and locating and exploring resources towards this mean.
  • Pre-Collegiate Development Program (PCDP), 303-492-8243
    PCDP motivates and prepares first generation and underrepresented students in pursuit of their higher education goals.   It is structured to ensure that students are academically prepared to enroll and be successful at the University of Colorado or any postsecondary institution of the students' choice.
  • Upward Bound, 303-492-6134
    The CU Upward Bound program provides high school students from targeted communities with the opportunity to experience a college atmosphere before graduating from high school.