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IMPART Faculty Fellowship Awards

IMPART Faculty Fellowship Awards – Call for Proposals 2014

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For the past two decades CU-Boulder faculty have been invited to apply application for Implementation of Multicultural Perspectives and Approaches in Research and Teaching (IMPART) Fellowship Awards.

The purpose of the IMPART Faculty Fellowship Award Program is to further develop a campus environment that supports and encourages gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity in our approaches to scholarly work and teaching.

IMPART Fellowships (up to $4,000) are available for CU-Boulder faculty to:

  • Engage in research or scholarly activities that have a multiethnic or multicultural focus. Fellowship awards may be used for data collection or other costs related to research or scholarly activities.  Participation of underrepresented students in the research or scholarly work is strongly encouraged.
  • Assist faculty in expanding the undergraduate curriculum in the areas of ethnic and gender diversity and understanding the important role of academic inclusion. Fellowships may be in support of developing new courses or integrating into existing courses significant ethnic and gender perspectives. Fellowships may be used to purchase teaching materials and resources, hire student assistants in support of course development, or to provide a portion of a course load reduction in order to facilitate course development.
  • Awards may also be used for PARTIAL FUNDING (to a maximum of $2,000) of summer support or reduction of teaching load.
  • Support the invitation of scholars from diverse backgrounds to visit campus in order to contribute to the unit in a manner that enriches the teaching or scholarly activity of that unit and the campus. Examples of visits might be those where the invitee participates in a speaker series in the unit, provides a workshop or training activity for students or faculty affiliated with the unit, or participates in the teaching activities of the unit. Cost sharing by the unit will be viewed as beneficial to the application.
  • Support colloquia, conferences, or workshops on the Boulder campus having an academic and multiethnic/multicultural theme. Cost sharing by the sponsoring unit will be viewed as beneficial to the application.

Priority will be given to proposals designed to improve the campus environment in the area of gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity that promote inclusive excellence. The committee is also particularly interested in providing support for faculty members (especially Assistant Professors) to initiate new research and scholarly programs as well as expanding the undergraduate curriculum in the areas of ethnic and gender diversity.  Student participation in projects is strongly encouraged.

Award Expectations and Limitations:

  • Awards are limited to $4,000 per proposal. A maximum of $2,000 may be used for course buy-outs.
  • Priority will be given to the review of proposals from faculty who have not received an award in the last three years.  If you have received an IMPART award within the last three years, your proposal will have the lowest priority.
  • Award funds should be expended within twelve months of the original date of the initial award unless other arrangements are proposed as part of the application.
  • Proposals for continuing support will not be considered, but projects or activities that extend over two or three years will be considered within the $4,000 per award limitation.
  • A report on the outcome (s) of the project will be required one year after the award's issuance. ODECE will sponsor a campus-wide colloquium in honor of the recipients and all will be asked to present an overview of their work.

For more information, contact Sharon Vieyra in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement (ODECE) at

Examples of past funded IMPART grants