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Community Engagement

City, County and CU-Boulder
CU-Boulder enjoys several partnerships with City of Boulder government offices as well as with representatives from the County of Denver.  During the 2013 Diversity and Inclusion Summit, a panel from the campus, city and county discussed potential avenues for strengthening the relationship among these entities.  Representatives from the panel will be gathering in 2014 to explore opportunities around Social Sustainability for Diversity and Inclusion.  Plans are being considered for participating in the University of Michigan Dialogue Summer Training Program.

Family Learning Center

The University of Colorado Boulder is partnering with Boulder's Family Learning Center to create a summer program for high school students that will make sure they're prepared for college-level work and walk them through the application process.

IHAD students at Luncheon

I Have A Dream Foundation of Boulder County

The CU-Boulder "I Have A Dream Committee" was established to support the I Have Dream Foundation of Boulder County in assisting and promoting life-long learning, successful education and self-sufficiency for low-income youth and their families. One of the Committee's most successful and popular activities is the University of Colorado’s Summer Internship Program. The summer Dreamer internship program works with University departments to offer six-week internships to “Dreamers”, ages 15 to 21. 

Dreamer Newsletter 2012

Dreamer Newsletter 2013

FSAC Sub Committee Opinion Leaders

The ODECE Faculty and Staff Advisory Subcommittee for Local and Global Engagement is recommending that the Office take a page from the 2030 Planning Process and reach out to key diversity and inclusion stakeholders.  The outreach will be specifically focused on seeking input from opinion leaders regarding diversity and inclusion.