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Meeting Schedule and Members

The Program Access Committee (PAC) addresses all areas of program access, including the following: architectural and physical access to campus, access to communication and electronic information resources, access to the classroom and academics. (?? Are these two different things? Should they be separated by a comma?) There are currently two active working groups in PAC: the Physical Access Working Group and the Communication and Electronic Resources Working Group. Note: The latter working group was originally the Assistive Technology (AT) Advisory subcommittee of PAC. These two working groups meet the first Wednesday of each month from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. (Up to date?) The committee includes students and staff and individuals with disabilities.

PAC Members (Up to date?)

Physical Access Working Group: Garnett Tatum (ADA coordinator), Paulette Foss (graduate student, anthropology), Howard Kramer (Disability Services), Phil Simpson (architect, Facilities Management), Jennifer Simpson (coordinator, VCSA), Dominique Clawson (Bursar's Office), Cindy Donahue (Disability Services), Brad Judy (ITS), Tom Carson (Housing-Technology Services), David H. Leserman (student, theatre and dance), Hillary Jorgensen (student, film studies).

Communication and Electronic Resources Working Group: Cindy Donahue (Disability Services director), Howard Kramer (Disability Services), John Culshaw (Library), Deborah Keyek-Franssen (coordinator, VCAA, IT Council), Malinda Miller-Huey (Web Communications), (deleted Pat Jensen's name) Paulette Foss (graduate student, anthropology), Tom Lyttle (ITS), Dean Colby (graduate student, journalism), Chris Solis, and a representative from VCSA to be named.

PAC Chair: Howard Kramer (send comment to Howard Kramer)
Co-chair for Physical Access: Cindy Davis
(deleted Pat Jensen's name)

Minutes and Reports (all word documents) (Up to date minutes?)

State of Access Report – May 2003 (Out of date?)

Accessibility Conferences and Training

Contact the Program Accessibility Committee (Susan Martinez still the contact person?)

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