Status of Women Report 1999
Prepared by the Chancellor's Committee on Women (CCW)


In March 1999, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology released its "A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT." This study documents "a pattern of sometimes subtle — but substantive and demoralizing — discrimination in areas from hiring, awards, promotions and inclusion on important committees to allocation of valuable resources like laboratory space and research money (New York Times, March 23, 1999)." Furthermore, as a result of this study, MIT administrators have publicly committed their resources to achieving gender equity for female faculty on their campus (The MIT Faculty Newsletter, March 1999).

The Chancellor's Committee on Women (CCW) is pleased that the publication of this study coincides with our own efforts to write the second CU-Boulder "Status of Women Report." We applaud the administration of MIT for recognizing and seeking to correct the institutionalized patterns of gender-based discrimination. We hope that our current Status of Women Report will inspire similar recognition and corrective efforts, in addition to those already being taken, on behalf of all women at CU-Boulder.

CCW intends to complete an annual Status of Women Report in order to continue to provide baseline data, monitor change, and make recommendations to ensure improvements in the status of women. In our 1998 Status of Women Report, we requested that CU-Boulder make available the data that would allow us to analyze gender and ethnicity together. Many of these data were provided for the 1999 Status of Women Report.


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