Name Title Department E-mail Phone
Ryan Bachtell
Neurogenetics of Drug Addiction
Assistant Professor Psychology & Neuroscience 303-492-2305
Jason D. Boardman
Gene-environment interactions related to health behaviors
Associate Professor Department of Sociology and Institute of Behavioral Science 303-492-2146
Michael Breed
The role of cuticular compounds in recognition, and the patterns of inheritance of chemical cuticular signatures
Professor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 303-492-7687
Gregory Carey
Anxiety disorders and the development of externalizing behavior during adolescence.
Associate Professor Psychology & Neuroscience Gregory.Carey@Colorado.EDU 303-492-1658
Al Collins
Neurochemical correlates of addiction.
Professor Emeritus Institute for Behavioral Genetics Al.Collins@Colorado.EDU 303-492-8752
Marilyn Coors
Ethics of human genetic modification, informed consent in genetic research, and the use of genetic information in behavioral genetics.
Associate Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-724-3993
Thomas Crowley
Executive cognitive functioning tasks in adolescents with serious substance and conduct problems.
Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-724-3181
John DeFries
Twin and adoption studies of cognitive abilities and the genetics of learning disabilities.
Professor Emeritus Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-492-2839
Richard A. Deitrich
Research concerning the molecular mechanism by which ethanol brings about its effects in brain and peripheral tissues.
Professor Emeritus Pharmacology & Pharmacogenetics 303-315-7076
Marissa Ehringer
Identification of genetic mechanisms that contribute to alcohol, tobacco, and substance use.
Associate Professor Integrative Physiology Marissa.Ehringer@Colorado.EDU 303-492-1463
Naomi Friedman
Mechanisms (neural and genetic) underlying individual differences in executive functions and their relations to everyday self regulation as well as various forms of psychopathology.
Assistant Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics Naomi.Friedman@Colorado.EDU 303-735-4457
John Hewitt
Development of behavior problems in childhood and adolescence.
IBG Director, Professor, Executive Editor, Behavior Genetics. Institute for Behavioral Genetics John.Hewitt@Colorado.EDU 303-492-0742
Charles Hoeffer
Understanding the cellular and molecular basis for neurological disorder and neurodegenerative disease
Assistant Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-492-9563
Christian Hopfer
Longitudinal studies of youth with adolescent-onset antisocial behavior and substance use disorders.
Associate Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-724-3170
Thomas E. Johnson
Genetics dissection of the longevity-enhancing properties of dietary restriction in both the nematode worm and in the mouse.
Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-492-0279
Matthew C Keller
Modeling and simulating genetically informative designs that better enable us to understand the causes of human differences.
Associate Professor Psychology & Neuroscience matthew.c.keller@Colorado.EDU 303.492-5799
Kenneth S. Krauter
Comparative genome analysis and the use of genetic analysis to identify genes involved in complex traits such as behavioral abnormalities.
Professor Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology 303-492-6693
Chris Link
Molecular genetics; modeling of neurodegenerative diseases using transgenic C. elegans.
Associate Professor Integrative Physiology 303-735-5112
Carol B Lynch
The genetic basis of evolutionary adaptation and brain mechanisms underlying adaptive behaviors.
Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics Carol.Lynch@Colorado.EDU 303-492-2890
Matt McQueen
Development and application of statistical and epidemiological methods geared towards large scale genomic analysis in both family-based and population-based samples.
Associate Professor Integrative Physiology 303.735.5158
Richard K. Olson
Etiology and remediation of reading disabilities and component processes in reading and language.
Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics rolson@psych.Colorado.EDU 303-492-8865
Bruce Pennington
Research focus on understanding disorders of cognitive development.
Professor, Director of the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Program, University of Denver. Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-871-4403
Richard Radcliffe
The genetic and molecular basis of drug and alcohol abuse.
Associate Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-315-1595
Soo Rhee
Etiology and development of childhood disruptive disorders.
Associate Professor Psychology & Neuroscience 303-492-4631
James M. Sikela
Genetic factors involved in learning and memory, and the use of evolutionary genomics approaches to identify the genes unique to the human lineage.
Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 303-724-3385
Toni N. Smolen
Pharmacogenetics and neuropharmacology.
Associate Director Institute for Behavioral Genetics Toni.Smolen@Colorado.EDU 303-492-2342
Andy Smolen
Assessment of the contribution of specific candidate genes to complex behaviors.
Senior Research Associate Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-492-8639
Michael C. Stallings
ndividual differences in liability to substance abuse and related psychopathology.
Associate Professor Psychology & Neuroscience Michael.Stallings@Colorado.EDU 303-492-2826
Jerry Stitzel
Underlying biological bases for the behavioral and physiological actions of drugs of abuse with special emphasis on nicotine.
Associate Professor Integrative Physiology 303-735-6173
Boris Tabakoff
Focus on the process of neural adaptation in response to ingestion of addictive substances, and, in particular, alcohol.
Professor Institute for Behavioral Genetics 303-315-3125
Scott Vrieze
Genetic and environmental influences on addiction
Assistant Professor Psychology & Neuroscience
Jeanne M. Wehner
The genetic and biochemical regulation of sensitivity and tolerance to alcohol.
Professor Emerita Psychology & Neuroscience 303-492-2839
Erik Willcutt
The development of an optimal nosology of psychiatric disorders across the lifespan.
Professor Psychology & Neuroscience 303-492-3304
James R. Wilson
The endocrinological and genetic bases of behavioral differences.
Professor Emeritus Psychology & Neuroscience 303-492-7362