Genes for Good Facebook App Launches

Genes for Good, a social media project that allows individuals to learn about their own health, behaviors, ancestral history and DNA has officially launched on facebook. The project is a collaboration between the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado. Faculty fellow Scott Vrieze is the co-investigator from IBG on this exciting new project. 

Call for Applicants: Assistant Professorship at IBG

Tenure Track Assistant Professorship at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics

Geertruida Josien Levenga receives Sie Post-doctoral Fellowship from the BioFrontiers Institute

The BioFrontiers Institute at CU has launched its inaugural Sie Post-doctoral Fellowship Program in affiliation with the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. The program is funding three post-doctoral researchers, Sie Fellows, who will focus on research that will improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.

Study on the genetics of procrastination featured on CNN,

A new twin study from IBG is the first to report that procrastination is heritable, and is genetically linked to impulsive behavior.  Researchers suggest that the ability to create and maintain goals (also a heritable trait) underlies this relationship between procrastination and impulsivity.

Read the full article at  Procrastination Is in Your Genes

IBG research on shy toddlers in the news

A paper in the journal Child Development has been highlighted by the University of Colorado, local news stations and other internet publications. Researchers found that shy toddlers were delayed in their speech but not in their understanding of language. For more information on this article please see the links below.