Study on the genetics of procrastination featured on CNN,

A new twin study from IBG is the first to report that procrastination is heritable, and is genetically linked to impulsive behavior.  Researchers suggest that the ability to create and maintain goals (also a heritable trait) underlies this relationship between procrastination and impulsivity.

Read the full article at  Procrastination Is in Your Genes

IBG research on shy toddlers in the news

A paper in the journal Child Development has been highlighted by the University of Colorado, local news stations and other internet publications. Researchers found that shy toddlers were delayed in their speech but not in their understanding of language. For more information on this article please see the links below.

March 3 - March 7 2014: 2014 International Workshop on Statistical Genetic Methods for Human Complex Traits

(formerly the `Methodology of Twin and Family Studies Introductory Workshop')
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Study on High IQ profiled on NPR's morning edition

NPR's morning edition recently featured a story on the Psychological Science publication "The Nature and Nurture of High IQ: An Extended Sensitive Period for Intellectual Development."  This piece includes interviews with first author and IBG collaborator Angela Brant as well as IBG director John Hewitt.

Genetics and Ethics Conference Presentations Now Available

Formal presentations from the recent conference on Genetics and Ethics in the 21st Century `Addiction, a biological disorder: implications for personal responsibility and how we view the addict' have been posted at: