The Institute for Behavioral Genetics (IBG) is an organized research unit of the University of Colorado Graduate School dedicated to conducting and facilitating research on the genetic and environmental bases of individual differences in behavior.

Founded in 1967, IBG is one of the top research facilities in the world for genetic research on behavior, and is home to one of the nation's largest DNA repositories for research on human behavior, as well as housing a wide array of behaviorally and genetically defined lines of selected, recombinant inbred, transgenic, and knockout-gene mice.

Data collection and analysis is ongoing for several internationally renowned studies including:

  • The Colorado Adoption Project
  • The Colorado Twin Registry
  • The Colorado Learning Disabilities Research Center

In addition to our research, we provide training opportunities for graduate students in affiliated programs at the University of Colorado campuses in Boulder and Denver.

IBG receives funding from several federal agencies, principally through the National Institutes of Health, as well as a broad spectrum of Associations, Foundations and Programs.