Be in Community

Student group

In the School

  • Education Diversity Scholars (EDS) - As a part of the CU LEAD Alliance program, it is our goal to be a supportive, vibrant community within the School of Education, composed of individuals who are deeply and passionately committed to the School of Education’s mission to promote “democracy, diversity, and social justice." EDS also provides academic and social support through individualized advising and community, financial support by way of Education Diversity Scholars scholarships, and career support in various seminars, panels, and workshops related to education and teaching. For more information contact
  • Graduate Students of Color Collective (GSOCC) - Our mission is to promote diversity and social justice on campus and create a safe space for the critical discussion of race. This group is open to graduate students who are interested in advancing this effort either professionally or personally. Located in Education Room 140. For more information contact
  • Multicultural Leadership Scholars (MLS) - As a Multicultural Leadership Scholar you are valued for diverse background, experiences, abilities, concerns, knowledge, interest, and accomplishments. You will develop meaningful relationships with professors and peer mentors, enroll in culturally diverse practicum classes that build an increased sense of community, and learn about your own values and belief systems as well as those of others.
  • Student Association for Graduate Educators (SAGE) - Our mission is to build community among graduate students in the School of Education. New and continuing graduate students volunteer to organize academic and social activities throughout the year. SAGE also maintains open communication between faculty and students as well as to and from the University Graduate Student Council. For more information contact

Across Campus

Housed in the School of Education, the BUENO Center is one of the oldest centers of its kind on campus. BUENO advocates for equitable education for culturally and linguistically diverse learners and their families and offers a variety of research-based projects supporting this mission to precollegiate, undergradute, and graduate students.

CSL integrates more than 75 programs and projects in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education to improve teaching and learning in these areas and to serve as a state, national, and international resource for such efforts. Students can participate in programs focused on leadership, diveristy, women in STEM, biligual science, and more.

Housed in the School of Education, CU Engage is a campus-wide initiative composed of 9 unique programs that each focus on addressing complex public challenges through close partnerships with local community organizations.

Housed in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement (ODECE), the CU LEAD Alliance is a campus-wide set of academic learning communities that promote leadership, excellence, achievement and diversity (LEAD) through various cohort experiences, scholarships, academic enrichment programs, and community-building activities.

Administered by the School of Education, the LA Program offers paid assistant positions to undergraduate students wishing to assist CU professors on the Boulder campus with classroom learning. All majors are welcome.

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