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The School of Education has several centers renowned for their widespread impact on advancing equal educational opportunity, improving learning experiences and outcomes, and contributing to the public dialogue on education policy issues:

BUENO Center for Multicultural Education 

Faculty: Leonard BacaKathy EscamillaJohn Hoover

The BUENO Center for Multicultural Education is committed to facilitating equal educational opportunities for cultural and language minority students. Through a comprehensive range of research, training, and service projects, the Center promotes quality education with an emphasis on cultural pluralism. The Center also disseminates research findings and related information.

Center for Assessment Design, Research and Evaluation (CADRE)

Faculty: Derek Briggs

The Center for Assessment, Design, Research and Evaluation (CADRE) is housed in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder. The mission of CADRE is to produce generalizable knowledge that improves the ability to assess student learning and to evaluate programs and methods that may have an effect on this learning.

Freudenthal Institute

Faculty: David Webb

The mission of FI-US is to establish a comprehensive network of collaborating researchers, teachers and developers in math and science education. The activities of FI-US focus on: design research, developing curricula at several levels of detail, supporting the development of classroom practices, building leadership capacity through professional communities, and international collaboration in education.

NEPC logoNational Education Policy Center (NEPC) 

Faculty: Kevin WelnerAlex Molnar

The mission of the National Education Policy Center is to produce and disseminate high-quality, peer-reviewed research to inform education policy discussions. NEPC is guided by the belief that the democratic governance of public education is strengthened when policies are based on sound evidence.