Admission decisions are based on multiple criteria, including undergraduate academic record, scores on the Graduate Record Examination (Quantitative, Verbal, and Writing), letters of recommendation, evidence of special accomplishments (e.g., exemplary performance in school practice and educational reform or research and scholarly papers), and relevant past experience. The criteria are considered in the aggregate. Congruence between program, research interests, and student goals is also an important consideration. The program has affirmative action goals and funding; candidates from historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Have a minimum 2.75 undergraduate grade point average (GPA), and a minimum of 3.00 in all previous course work in Education.
  2. Have a minimum 3.00 post-baccalaureate GPA.
  3. Submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.
  4. International Students only: TOEFL scores (114) or IELTS (8.0)

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