Education Diversity Scholars (EDS) Program

Welcome to the Education Diversity Scholars Program page!

EDS, a CU LEAD Alliance program, is a supportive, vibrant community within the School of Education, composed of individuals who are deeply and passionately committed to the School of Education’s mission to promote “democracy, diversity, and social justice.”

While all of us in EDS are deeply invested in teaching and learning, we have diverse and exciting interests of our own. EDS community members explore critical and culturally sustaining pedagogical development, equitable education policy, and research in education with schools, teachers, and youth.

Teacher Education candidates and Education Minor students who choose to be involved in the EDS community have opportunities to attend lively discussions, symposia, movie screenings, and faculty chats, as well as social, academic, and career advising support from EDS and faculty advisors. With a student support and community office located on the first floor of the School of Education (room 140), our students and staff work to provide students of color, first-generation college students, and students who are otherwise deeply committed to equity and social justice with a safe space and community to grow, learn, and push themselves together. 

As a member of the CU LEAD Alliance Neighborhood, EDS also offers limited scholarships to under-represented and first-generation students who have chosen either Teacher Education or the Education Minor as a field of study.

For more information about the Education Diversity Scholars Program, the School of Education, or the CU LEAD Alliance, please contact Cecilia Valenzuela at