Student Groups

Student Organizations

The School of Education has six student organizations:

  • National Council of Teachers of English-CU (NCTE-CU)
  • Graduate Students of Color (GSOC)
  • Student Association of Graduate Students (SAGE)
  • Tomorrow's Teachers Today (TTT)
  • WeTeach
  • School of Education Student Board (SESB)

National Council of Teachers of English-CU (NCTE-CU)

NCTE-CU, located at the University of Colorado Boulder, is the student affiliate of the National Council Teachers of English. We are a student organization dedicated to improving our craft as preservice elementary and secondary teachers of literacy and English language arts. The purpose of this affiliate is to:

  1. Provide our members with opportunities to network with other educators.
  2. Offer professional development for our members.
  3. Enhance leadership skills and employment prospects for our members.
  4. Introduce our members to the benefits of joining NCTE, in hopes that they participate throughout their professional careers.

NCTE 2014-2015 Board:

  • Caitlin Dennis - President
  • Alex Maughan - Vice President
  • Kayla Conarro - Treasurer
  • Kaela Lind - Secretary
  • Jessie Avery - Publicity Chair
  • Mike Wenk - Advisor 
  • sj Miller - Advisor 


Graduate Students of Color (GSOC)

GSOC is a student organization established to extend the diversity and social justice goals expressed in the University of Colorado, School of Education’s (SOE) mission statement. The group’s purpose is to create a safe space for the critical discussion of race. This may include, but is not limited to, reflecting on discussions of race in the SOE, continuing discussions of race, and enhancing academic scholarship regarding issues of race. This group is open to students who are interested in advancing issues related to race and social justice either professionally or personally.


Student Association of Graduate Educators (SAGE)

The mission of SAGE is to build community among graduate students in the School of Education. New and continuing graduate students volunteer to organize academic and social activities, including welcoming new students, introducing them to the academic community, and organizing brown bag lunch seminars. SAGE also acts to maintain open communication between faculty and students as well as to the University Graduate Student Council. 

If you are interested in being a part of SAGE, contact:


Tomorrow's Teachers Today (TTT)

Tomorrow's Teachers Today (TTT) is an organization of students in teacher licensure programs that emphasizes the active participation of future teachers. TTT meets monthly to provide an educational and decision-making forum for any elementary and secondary education student enrolled at the university. Meetings center on agendas and discussions selected and developed by students. The elected executive board organizes functions that address current issues, opportunities, and challenges facing prospective teachers.

Six goals have been established and articulated by TTT including:

  • Communication: To help build a well-informed student community,
  • Connections: To form a support network for students among faculty, practicing teachers, and administrators,
  • Policy and Practice: To create opportunities for learning about the social, economic, and political issues that affect teachers and students in public schools,
  • Field Placement: To provide support to students throughout their practicum experiences, in particular during their pivotal student teaching experience,
  • Career Choices: To provide students opportunities and skills necessary to make the transition successfully from teacher education candidates to certified educators, and
  • Student Voice: To give students a voice in matters concerning their educational experiences in the School of Education.

TTT works hand-in-hand with the School of Education faculty, staff, and administrators in achieving these goals and many others. The hope is to create an undergraduate organization that nurtures dialogue and supports the values of our democratic society. The end result is a cadre of knowledgeable, well prepared, and articulate teachers and members of the education profession.

For more information about TTT, please contact:


CU Teach Student Organization

For professional, academic, and social support from other students interested in math and science teaching, check out the CU Teach student group....WeTeach@CU! Contact Stephen Krupansky for more information.


School of Education Student Board (SESB)

SESB is the newest student organization at the School of Education.  Its mission is to connect all fee-paying students within the SOE—both graduate and undergraduate alike—by hosting occasional events and serving as a funding source for SOE groups, activities, and travel.  SESB meets once a month, with representatives coming from all across the SOE.

If you are interested in receiving funding for your SOE group or activity, fill out an application and email it before the next funding cycle:

Click here for the SESB Facebook page.


University Organizations

The university has many additional student organizations, centers, and activities to which students in the School of Education are welcome.

You can get information about these by clicking on the following two sites: