A Queer Endeavor


A Queer Endeavor, housed in the CU-Boulder School of Education and led by Bethy Leonardi, PhD and Sara Staley, PhD, is an initiative focused on supporting teachers and communities around topics of gender and sexual diversity in education.

We recently completed a CU-sponsored crowdfunding campaign to complete our film, Breaking the Silence: Honoring the Voices of LGBTQ Youth and Allies in Supporting Our Teachers, and to create four short videos with accompanying curriculum for teachers and school communities.

We are thrilled to say that we successfully raised over $20,000 through over 215 supporters! We are deeply appreciative of the overwhelming support that we have received. Stay connected with us to hear about the progress of this work and our other projects below.

Watch the Breaking the Silence trailer below:



1. Join our listserv: 

  • Send an email to listproc@lists.colorado.edu and type following into the content of your message:
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    • Example: subscribe aqueerendeavor-list Jane Smith

2. Email us: aqueerendeavor@colorado.edu

A Queer Endeavor has 3 components:

1. Film Project. In April of 2013, our School of Education hosted “An Evening with LGBTQ Youth and Allies.” The intention of this evening was to open a conversation among 14 middle, high school, and college students and 75 pre-service and in-service teachers from local school districts. We filmed the event, along with 30 plus interviews with students, teachers, and LGBTQ community members, and are in the process of creating a documentary film, Breaking the Silence: Honoring the Voices of LGBTQ Youth and Allies in Supporting our Teachers, along with associated curricular materials. Our aim is to use this film to "break the silence" in our community, and to reach out to other communities by collaborating with schools of education across the country.

2. LGBTQ Teacher Institutes. In these institutes, held on our campus, we aim to support local teachers and teacher educators to take up topics of gender and sexual diversity in their own school communities and to create safe and inclusive spaces for all of their students and families. 

3. The School of Education. Teacher Education has historically been remiss in supporting teachers to go into the field confident and prepared to create educational spaces that are affirming for LGBTQ and gender variant youth. One focus of A Queer Endeavor is to support our teacher educators and pre-service teachers to do this important work. 


If you are interested in learning more about, participating in, or donating to these projects for social change, please email aqueerendeavor@colorado.edu.