This is a place for intellectually curious and motivated students who want to learn about research methodology with an eye toward influencing education policy and practice. You will participate in graduate research assistantships each semester and can expect to work with faculty on research projects. A PhD prepares you for university teaching and research or research, evaluation, and policy analysis in state departments, school districts, think tanks, laboratories, testing organizations, or governmental agencies.

Financial Support

All of our doctoral students are awarded generous funding packages. Stipends and grants cover tuition costs and provide experiential graduate assistantships that further prepare you for your future as a researcher, educator, and leader in the field.  Fellowship and assistantship packages are awarded on a competitive basis and vary for each student, but all funding packages cover five years of full-time study. Contact an advisor to learn more

Admissions Requirements

Admission to all our graduate programs is competitive and based on multiple criteria, including undergraduate academic record, scores on exams, letters of recommendation, personal statement, evidence of special accomplishments, and relevant past experience. Criteria are considered in the aggregate. Candidates from historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.


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