April 2017 Newsletter

April 13, 2017

CU Boulder Campus Sustainability Summit Campus Sustainability Awardee Announcement Move Out: On and Off Campus Store Your Bike over the Summer Eco-Tip: Hard to Recycle Items New Buff Surplus Website We Are Hiring Upcoming Events Read HereRead more »

Front Range Eco-Social Solutions Conference Feb 3rd and 4th

Dec. 15, 2016

February 3-4, 2017 - CU Boulder Bioneers is the preeminent international gathering of leading innovators and visionaries who offer practical solutions to the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time. In its 26th year, Bioneers continues to uniquely and authentically articulate the relationships between environment, health, social justice... Read more »

Boulder Bound Green Packing List

Aug. 18, 2015

Join the herd. 89% of CU Boulder students try to make environmentally sustainable choices in the way they live. Here are some tips for your school supplies. Reduce Start shopping in your own closet! Collect supplies you already have Host a back-to-school clothing or supplies swap with your friends Consider... Read more »

Where to find the E-Center during Welcome Week!

Aug. 22, 2017

During Welcome Week, visit the EC at: August 19th Graduate and Family Housing Welcome BBQ Live in this part of campus? Join us! Details will come from Housing. We will be sharing stickers with the kids, and getting to know each other. We help answer a lot of bike questions... Read more »

Fall Sustainability Skills Workshops

Aug. 21, 2017

Sustainability Skills Workshops These applied learning workshops are focused on skill-building along with applied information to improve your understanding in the practice of sustainability. Most workshops are aimed at newcomers and beginners with little to no experience. More advanced offerings will be indicated. Students may participate in any number of... Read more »

Fashion Swap: Summer Edition 8/16

Aug. 7, 2017

Are you getting ready to update your closet for the Fall? Do you have clothes that you no longer wear? Hold on to your threads until Wednesday August 16th and bring them to the CU Fashion Swap: Summer Edition to celebrate sustainable fashion! You don't need to bring anything to... Read more »

Charlie Reighart (Tour Information)

Tour features: Explanation of county's program, tour of transfer station and MRF facility. Topics: recycling and waste prevention, waste energy, landfillingRead more »

Kathleen Carroll

Western Disposal Services. Tour Features and Topics Covered: Trash transfer station, Commercial composting facility, Recycling, CompostingRead more »

Michelle Minstrell

Title of Presentation / Topics Covered: Construction Waste Recycling, Mercury Lamps/PCB Ballasts Recycling, Electronics Recycling, Paint Recycling Collection, Municipal Recycling programs, campus recycling initiatives, commercial business recycling programs/initiatives, organics collection programs.Read more »

Wynne Coplea

Title of Presentation / topics covered: Sustainable Materials Management: what does this mean to recycling industry?; Sustainability 101; Effective Communication in Promoting SMM/Recycling; Recycling and Sustainability; Sustainable OperationsRead more »