Ski Bus FAQ

I bought a ticket to get picked up at Farrand Field but the ticket says Will Vill, how do I change this?

The ticket is good for use at any pick up spot, Will Vill, Kittredge or Farrand,

I can't make the bus, who do I notify?

You don't need to notify anyone. If you sell or give away your ticket, the new rider will need to tell us who they are riding for. If you don't show up we will sell your empty seat as a stand-by.

Who do I notify if I sell my ticket?

No notification is necessary, the new rider will tell the manager who they are taking the place of.

Are stand-by tickets available?

Yes, you can get on the bus at any pickup location. We can't gaurantee a spot for you until Farrand Field, tickets are $15, exact change is required.

I am a HERD member but there are no more seats available / the HERD code doesn't work.

There are only 20 Herd seats available per bus, if that quota is filled there are only regularly priced seats available. If you try to purchase a Herd ticket after they are sold out you will get an error message in a red bar at the top of your screen.

What is the HERD Code?

GOHERD, but this is only good for Herd members. We will ask to see your Herd membership card when you board the bus, so don't try to scam us.

Can we stay at the mountain overnight and catch the bus the next day?

Yes, however you have to buy 2 tickets, one to get to the mountain and one the next day to get home. We can't hold a seat on the bus for you if you didn't buy a ticket.

What if I miss the bus?

The bus leaves the mountain at 4 pm sharp (earlier for the first mountain on days the bus services two ski areas). It can be delayed in case of emergency. If you miss the bus completely you are responsible for finding your own way back home.

Can I change the date of my ticket?

No, you are welcome to sell the ticket or give it away and buy a new ticket for the new date.