Energy and Climate

The University of Colorado Environmental Center Energy Program is working to create a deeper understanding in the CU community about how our energy use directly relates to the production of CO2 –a greenhouse gas that is a major contributor to climate change.  We do this by employing peer-to-peer education to communicate how to efficiently conserve energy on and off-campus.  By educating each other, we are able to increase awareness about energy use, energy conservation, and climate change.

The CU Boulder campus is leading the way in energy conservation.  One big step forward was the signing of a American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) by Chancellor Bud Peterson in 2007 and the subsequent implementation of the Carbon Neutrality Plan in 2009.  Since then our emissions have continued to decrease even though the building square footage has increased.

Everything we do, no matter how small, still makes a difference. The CU Environmental Center is committed to efficient, intelligent energy use on campus and encourages indvidual students' help in lowering our carbon footprint through services like the Energy Hotline! For campus wide suggestions & input to conserve energy and reduce waste, call 303-735-6202 or email

We can always do better in the ways of energy conservation, whether its something as simple as changing to CFLs or using central heating and cooling les.  The more conversation that takes place on climate change, the more difficult it becomes to refute the existing evidence.  So, contact your local repsresentative and talk to them about climate change today.