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About the Center for STEM Learning

Chancellor's Graduate and Faculty/Staff Awards for Excellence in STEM Education


Current Faculty Scholars:

Nichole Barger, Sarah Seiter, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Transforming graduate training in STEM education.

Stephanie Chasteen, Science Education Initiative. Framing the active learning classroom: Materials and research to support STEM instructors in implementing student-centered instruction.

Rebecca Ciancanelli, Julia Willis, Student Academic Success Center Inclusive chemistry success project.

Anne Gold, CIRES. Investigating the impact of spatial reasoning training on skill development, retention, and the gender gap in Geology

Current Graduate Scholars:

Katherine Goodman, ATLAS. Finding the essential elements: flow visualization

Alexandra, Mass, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering. 'Cool science': Explaining Antarctic field work, polar science, and the experience of research through live multi-media communication, non-fiction children's literature and bilingual education.

Samuel Severance, Institute of Cognitive Science. Shifting teaching practice to the Next Generation Science Standards through professional development.

Michael Skirpan, School of Education. Empowered learners: using in-class hack-a-thons as a basis for teaching STEM technical skills in college and high school classroom

Enrique Suarez, School of Education. Leveraging the cultural practices of science for making classroom discourse accessible to emerging bilingual students.

Janet Tsai, Mechanical Engineering. Do I belong here? Uncovering power dynamics among students and teachers in sophomore engineering gateway courses.

Past Chancellor's Scholars