DBER Seminars

klymkowsky and nobel laureate at dber related eventDBER is a weekly Seminar Series that emphasizes discipline-based STEM education research. It is a forum for faculty, staff, researchers, and students interested in education research and course transformation to share their ideas and get feedback on their work.

DBER is multi-disciplinary. These seminars bring together faculty and graduate students from roughly 45 different programs and departments across four schools/colleges. The average attendance is more than 20 people. In addition to being intellectually rich, these meetings also serve to create community among the many STEM education researchers on campus. All are welcome to attend.


For the spring 2016 semester, DBER will be held on Tuesdays from 12:30 - 1:30 pm in Porter Bio B121.


For questions about DBER, to suggest a speaker, or to inquire about presenting yourself, please contact Jenny Knight @ Jennifer.knight@colorado.edu.


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2016 Spring DBER Schedule:

Jan 26
Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, Physics
Designing a lab practical to assess physics students' ability to troubleshoot in an electronics course  
Feb 2

1. Sara Brownell, Arizona State, candidate for IPHY DBER assistant professor position

2. Emily Holt, Utah State, candidate for EBIO DBER assistant professor position

Feb 9

1. Melissa McCartney, AAAS

2. Michelle Smith, University of Maine


"Students Reading Real Science: Primary Literature in the Classroom"

"What Are Students Thinking? Identifying and Helping Students Overcome Conceptual Difficulties in Biology"

Feb 16 Lacy Cleveland, University of Northern Colorado
(Integrative Physiology candidate)
"Thou shalt not fear science"  
Feb23 Emily Moore, PhET
"Increasing the Accessibility of PhET Simulations for Students with Disabilities: Challenges, Progress, and Potential"  
Mar 1 JT Laverty, Michigan State University
"Initiating and Assessing Transformation in Science Disciplines"  
Mar 8 Faan Tone Liu, Math
David Webb, School of Education
"Active learning and hands-on activities in undergraduate calculus"  
Mar 15 Kate Semsar, MCD Biology
Jenny Knight, MCD Biology
"A survey about the practices and impacts of concept assessments in biology"  
Mar 29 Sarah Grover, PSYCH
"Women's Interpersonal Perceptions in Physics"  
Apr 5 Jennifer Avena, MCD Biology
"How are we measuring what students learn?  An examination of concept assessments and faculty assessments in genetics."  
Apr 12 Laura Border, GTP and CIRTL

Anna Curtis, Graduate Student, Chemistry
Vicky Li, Graduate Student, Applied Math
Wessam Beitelmal, PhD, Civil Engineering

"Provides an up-date on the GTP’s Research on Academic Retention (ROAR) project which is funded on a grant through the CIRTL Network."  
Apr 19 Elena Diaz-Billelo, School of Education
"Building 'Comprehensive' or 'Balanced' Assessment Systems in K-12 and Implications for the Higher Education Context."  
Apr 26 Sam Severence, Institute of Cognitive Science (chancellor's award)
Enrique Lopez, School of Education
May 3  
May 10  


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