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Discipline-Based Educational Research Seminar Series

DBER is a weekly Seminar Series that emphasizes discipline-based STEM education research. It is a forum for faculty, staff, researchers, and students interested in education research and course transformation to share their ideas and get feedback on their work.

DBER multi-disciplinary. These seminars bring together faculty and graduate students from roughly 45 different programs and departments across four schools/colleges. The average attendance is more than 20 people. In addition to being intellectually rich, these meetings also serve to create community among the many STEM education researchers on campus. All are welcome to attend.

Unless otherwise noted, meetings take place every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 PM in Gamow Tower Commons Room, 11th Floor (map. A calendar of presentations is available on our Events page.

For questions about DBER, to suggest a speaker, or to inquire about presenting yourself, please contact Jenny Knight @ Jennifer.knight@colorado.edu.

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Spring 2015 DBER Schedule

DBER has taken an assessment theme this semester, including participation and presentations from CU-Boulder faculty who specialize in various elements of the assessment process. As we evaluate each other’s work, we might consider: What are the goals of lesson, course, or curriculum? What has this study identified as its goals for learning and why are these important? Are the assessment or evaluative tools used adequate to the task? What is being measured and how accurate is the measurement?


Michael Skirpan
  View Michael's Presentation Online
Mike Ross and Emily Haynes
Alice Healey, (Psychology/Neuroscience)
  Related PowerPoint Slides from Alice Healey
No DBER meeting this week
Kate Goodman (ATLAS) and Jean Hertzberg (Mechanical Engineering)
Valerie Otero (School of Ed)
Dave Underwood
  Dave's design resources google site
Cory Pavicich (ATC), and Sarah Miller (Engineering)
Melanie Cooper (Chemistry, MSU)
Enrique "Henry" Suarez and Ryan Glover
Vicki Hand (Education)
Mike Klymkowsky (MCDB)
Stephanie Chasteen (SEI)
Sarah Wise (EBIO) and Jenny Knight (MCDB)



Archive of Past DBER Seminars