IT Policy

Use of CU-Boulder’s IT resources is governed by policies issued by: the University of Colorado System, the AVC for IT & CIO, by The Office of Information Technology, and by individual campus IT departments, as well as by state and federal laws. Users of campus IT resources are responsible for understanding the privileges and responsibilities extended by those policies and laws – which are detailed on the web pages referenced below.

University of Colorado System Administrative Policies
Administrative Policy Statements (APS) provide guidance, procedures, and requirements for all three CU campuses. These policies are based on external and internal mandates, laws, and regulations. These policies are developed in the offices of the University president and vice presidents.

CU-Boulder Policies and Guidelines
The University of Colorado at Boulder policy library serves as the official repository for all campus-wide policies; provides resource links to campus department- and unit-specific policies, as well as links to the university-wide policies implemented by CU System; and provides accurate and up-to-date policy information to the campus community.

OIT Campus-wide IT Policies
Campus-wide policies apply to all users of CU-Boulder campus IT resources including the campus network, hardware, data, and applications. Policies include best practices, standards, security requirements, and service expectations and are typically developed by or in collaboration with CU-Boulder’s OIT.

Questions and concerns regarding any IT policy may be addressed to the IT planning and policy office at