10th Annual

Earth System and Space Science Poster Conference

Friday, December 2, 2016 

Hi all,

Please join me in congratulating the winners of our poster conference, who are listed below.  Students, you may pick up your winning certificates from Kelly Duong – don't forget to include this award on your CVs! As the overall winner, Jessica Tomaszewski wins $200.

Great job everyone!

Cora Randall
Professor and Chair, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Faculty Scientist, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Overall winner:
Jessica Tomaszewski, ATOC
Do wind turbines pose roll hazards to light aircraft?

A - Atmospheric Chemistry
Alexander Lanzano, ATOC/LASP
Assessing the Chemistry of Tidally Locked Earth-like Planets around M-type Stars Using a 3D Coupled Chemistry-Climate Model (CESM/WACCM)

B - Middle and Upper Atmosphere
Diana Loucks, ASEN/CCAR
PFISR GPS tracking mode for researching high-latitude ionospheric electron density gradients associated with GPS scintillation

C - Aerosols, Clouds, & Precipitation
Warren Smith, ATOC/CIRES, NOAA
On the Formation and Evolution of Small Scale Low Level Vorticity Anomalies During Tropical Cyclqgenesis

D - Boundary Layer & Wind Energy
Laura Mazzaro, ATOC, LANL
Nested Mesoscale-to-LES Modeling of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer in the Presence of Under-Resolved Convective Structures.

E - Oceanography
Emergent anthropogenic trends in California Current upwelling

F - Climate & Large-Scale Dynamics
William Frey, ATOC/CIRES, NOAA
The influence of extratropical cloud phase and amount feedbacks on climate sensitivity

G - Remote Sensing & Radiative Transfer
Hong Chen, ATOC/LASP
Using Aircraft Observations to Improve Passive Remote Sensing of Clouds in the Arctic

Find photos of the Poster Conference at http://www.colorado.edu/atoc/news/poster-conference-2016.  

Find photos of the SkyWatch Inauguration at http://www.colorado.edu/atoc/news/atoc-skywatch-inauguration.