Published: March 13, 2020

ald nanosolutions team in th elabALD NanoSolutions, a CU Boulder spinout company and one of the leading experts on atomic layer deposition (ALD), has merged with Louisville, CO-based Forge Nano to commercialize its cutting edge surface engineering techniques. The new entity is backed by a $20M investment from VW, LG Technology Ventures, Mitsui Konzoku and SBI Investment. 

Located in Broomfield, CO, ​ALD NanoSolutions uses ALD to apply near-perfect, ultrathin films to particles, improving the performance, safety and other characteristics of products (such as lithium-ion batteries), which are commonly used in home electronics. The company was cofounded in 2001 by professor Alan "Al" Weimer of chemical and biological engineering and professor Steven George of chemistry and biochemistry, along with CU alumni Mike Masterson and Karen Buechler. 

“We are excited to merge our talent and resources to create a company with unmatched capabilities and technical know-how," said Dr. Wayne Simmons, CEO of ALD NanoSolutions, in a press release. "Not only that, but we will continue our close collaboration with professors Alan Weimer and Steven George and their research groups at CU Boulder, ushering in a new era of disruptive technology together.”

ALD NanoSolution's relationship with CU Boulder began in 2004 with an exclusive license to five inventions, which has since grown to a portfolio of 17 inventions covered by 42 patent applications worldwide. To this day, ALD NanoSolutions remains one of Venture Partners' longest standing licensees. This has created an ongoing, productive relationship between the university and its spinoff company, explained Weimer in an article.

Venture Partners and Forge Nano are continuing this longstanding relationship with these existing and future patents, covering products that range from improved battery materials for the emerging market and catalytic materials in a range of industries. 

Visit Venture Partners to learn more about CU Boulder inventions and related support, or read the announcement.