Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) Diversity Committee Resolution
Resolution in Support of CU Boulder DACA Students

We, the Boulder Faculty Assembly of the University of Colorado Boulder, believe that it is important for CU Boulder to reaffirm our commitment to diversity by ensuring the safety and security of all our students, faculty, staff, and communities, and specifically immigrants and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students. We endorse the spirit of support for DACA students that has recently been articulated by the Chancellor and by the Arts and Sciences Council. We express public heartfelt support for DACA students and their families, and ask the leadership to take the necessary steps to actively create and maintain a welcoming and safe place on our campus. In accordance with our commitments to Inclusive Excellence and CU Boulder’s 2030 Strategic Goals, we must all act in support of the learning and growth of all students in our CU Boulder community.

Notice of Motion to the BFA: February 1, 2018