Welcome to Freshman Engineering Council!

We are a branch of the CU Engineering Council focused on freshman success and involvement here in the college and on campus. We regularly run events and activities to help students get ready for tests, destress, and enjoy their first year at CU Boulder. We also act as a go-between for freshman and the CU Engineering Council. Students may submit suggestions and requests that are considered by the UCEC, and can help students get in contact with relevant faculty regarding projects, discussions, and faciliate other meetings and events to help CU Freshman.


Who makes up the FEC?

The council is made up of Engineering Freshman, as well as a member of the UCEC officer team. These individuals plan, design, and put on the events that are held year round! Applications are accepted at the beginning of the year, and because the council also acts as an entryway into UCEC, many of its members may end up becoming UCEC members at the end of the year!