In 1969, Sewall students had the innovative idea to bring engaging professors into Sewall Hall to teach residents in small classes. The first academic classes took place in Sewall with great success in the fall of 1970.

The success of this program at Sewall encouraged other RAPs to form over the years; there are now a dozen residential academic programs at CU.

We are proud of our academic program and the community connections created between the generations of students who have lived, learned, and created lifelong friendships in Sewall Hall. As part of Sewall’s history, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters have encouraged the next generation of students to choose Sewall for its community and academic opportunities.

As a result, Sewall has an academic and residential legacy unlike any other on the CU Boulder campus.

If there is a "Sewalligan" in your family, we encourage you to continue the legacy by choosing the Stories and Societies RAP in Sewall Hall for your first-year experience.

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