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Frequently Offered Courses - Descriptions

Prefix Number Course RAP Course
Description Sheet
Credits (if not 3) Instructor
EBIO 1220

General Biology II

  Dr. Randy DiDomenico
HIST 2220

War & Society: The Crusades & Medieval Warfare

  Dr. Nicole Jobin
IPHY 2420 Nutrition, Health and Performance   Dr. Donna Louie, Dr. Jamie Bartlett
MCDB 1030 Plagues, People & Microorganisms   Dr. Diana Oliveras
EDUC 3013 School and Society   Derek LeFebre
WRTG 1150 First Year Writing and Rhetoric   Dr. Mike Zizzi
HIST 1015 US History to 1865   Dr. Martin Babicz
HIST 1061 The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome   Dr. Nicole Jobin
HIST 1020 Western Civilization II   Dr. Nicole Jobin
ANTH 1190 Origins of Ancient Civilizations   Dr. Inga Calvin
ETHN 2014 American History Through Film   Dr. Martin Babicz
ECON 2020 Principles of Macroeconomics 4 Dr. Vijaya Sharma
HIST 1011 Europe to 1600   Dr. David Paradis
EBIO 1210 General Biology I   Dr. Randy DiDomenico
HIST 2516 America Through Baseball   Dr. Martin Babicz
SEWL 2020 Civic Engagement   Dr. Nicole Jobin
ANTH 1140 Introduction to Non-Western Culture: The Maya   Dr. Inga Calvin
MUEL 2852 Music in the Rock Era   Dr. Michael Barnett
HIST 2112 Early Modern Societies   Dr. Nicole Jobin
ECON 2010 Principles of Microeconomics 4 Dr. Vijaya Sharma
ANTH 1170 Exploring Culture and Gender Through Film   Dr. Kate Fischer
ANTH 1160 Ancient Egyptian Civilizations   Dr. Inga Calvin
HIST 2015 Themes in American History: The American Revolution   Dr. Martin Babicz
MUEL 2051 Techniques in Songwriting   Dr. Michael Barnett