Complete the Honorarium and Travel Reimbursement form for Spanish and Portuguese Department. 
  • Note: if your visitor would like the honorarium/reimbursement via a wire transfer, have them call their bank and get all the information necessary for a wire transfer. There will be a $25 wire transfer fee.
  • International Visitor Information
  • Receive approval from the chair.
  • Visit the Spanish and Portuguese Department Events Calendar to ensure the dates your visitor will be on campus doesn't conflict with other Spanish and Portuguese Department events.
  • If you have funding to pay for airfare, give the visitor the speedtype that you will be using to pay for airfare and give the program coordinator's email address to give to the travel agent as an approver (give your email address as well, if you want a copy of the itinerary).
    • Have the visitor also give Christopherson Business Travel the Spanish and Portuguese department number (10242).
    • Have the visitor contact Christopherson Business Travel directly to purchase the airline ticket. (University cannot pay for airfare for visitors coming with a tourist visa -  see info above.)
  • Boulder per diem rate is $59/day. If you take visitor out for meals, that meal rate will be subtracted from the visitors daily per diem rate (Breakfast=$13, lunch=$15, dinner=$26).
  • Lodging:  Several hotels in Boulder give a discounted "CU rate".
    • Note: Hotels have a limited number of rooms available at the CU rate. When you make the reservation, tell them a staff member will call with a travel card number.
    • Please send Department staff the reservation confirmation including the total amount due, and a speedtype you want the lodging charged to.
  • Room Reservation for Talk: Email Shannon the date, time and desired room capacity and if you need an AV or SMT room. Please let her know if you have any flexibility with the dates/times. Request a room reservation as soon as you know your event date. 
  • Reception: UMC catering is required for events held in the UMC (and optional for events outside the UMC). You can contact the UMC and order directly.
    • You are required to place your order with UMC no later than two weeks in advance. Once you have ordered, send a copy of invoice to the department staff. UMC will deliver food and pick up after event.
    • If you decide to go with another caterer, you must use an approved caterer. (We’ve ordered sandwiches and continental breakfasts from Panera – they are good and deliver!).
      • NOTE: If you use an outside caterer, you are responsible for ensuring food, etc. is picked up after event.
      • NOTE: some outside caterers (e.g.. Spice of Life) require you to sign a contract. All CU contracts must be reviewed and signed by the Procurement Center. Email the contract to for approval/signature. All events in the UMC must be catered by UMC catering. 
  • Meals: If you are taking the visitor out to meals.
    •  Alcohol cannot be paid for out of CU funds, so have any alcohol put on a separate bill.
    •  Faculty spouses/partners attending the meal should pay for themselves using a separate bill. 
    • Return itemized receipt to department staff along with a list of who attended the meal.
  • Advertising:
    • Faculty/Staff Buff Bulletins: Buff Bulletins can be submitted online: You are limited to a max of 75 words (doesn't include title) and can also attach an image.  Make sure you include a title and contact information (including Spanish and Portuguese Department webpage).
    •  All flyers and buff bulletins must be approved in advance by the chair.
  • CU/Spanish and Portuguese Events Calendar: Email department staff the event information (including date/time/location) to be added to CU/Spanish and Portuguese online events calendar.
  • Posters/Flyers: Please give a usb or send an email to the Spanish and Portuguese Department at least two weeks prior to the event of any poster or flyer you need printed, along with distribution.  

If you cancel an event, make sure you have department staff cancel the event on the events calendar and send an email to Spanish and Portuguese notifying them of the event cancelation (assuming you sent Spanish and Portuguese an email notifying them of the event).  Notify any email lists and/or students that you advertised the event with. Cancel the room reservation and put a note on the door on the day of the event noting that the event has been canceled.

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