The following applies to all the Spanish and Portuguese Department major tracks:

  • The College of Arts and Sciences does not allow more than 45 credit hours in any one discipline to be counted toward the 120 credit hours required for a BA degree. This rule does not mean that a student may not take more than 45 credit hours in Spanish, but rather that one must have at least 75 credit hours in courses other than Spanish. PORT 2120 will be accepted as partially fulfilling upper-division courses in other foreign languages. No Spanish or approved area courses with a grade lower than a C- will be counted in the major requirements. The ancillary GPA (made up of the combined grades from area courses) must be at least 2.00.
  • To fulfill the requirements for any major track, students must complete at least 12 upper-division credits at CU-Boulder. For Spanish Language and Literature and the Spanish and Portuguese Language and Culture, 9 of the 12 credits must be from the major works/trends courses listed previously (SPAN 4150 or SPAN 4160, and SPAN 4170 or SPAN 4180) and SPAN 3100. For the Spanish for the Professions major, students must take at least 2 of the 3000-level profession courses and SPAN 4070 and SPAN 3100 on the Boulder campus.
  • No more than 3 independent study credit hours may count toward the major. 
  • No grade lower than C- in a Spanish course will be counted toward the major requirement.
  • Please note that students seeking Colorado State Teaching Certification should complete the Spanish Language and Literature Track. Students seeking teaching certification in Spanish must take certain classes. For full requirements, please contact the Advisor for the Secondary Spanish Teaching Certificate program in the department.
  • Students must complete the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences and the required courses listed below. All Spanish majors are encouraged to consult with Spanish and Portuguese Department Professional Advisor before they register each semester.