Degree Requirements Pre-Fall 2017

Prerequisites for the program:

Sufficient Spanish to be admitted to 3000-level courses
ECON 2010 (C- or higher grade required)
ECON 2020 (C- or higher grade required)
Pre-approved Math Reasoning Course for admission to the Business minor

For Spanish course descriptions please click here.

Professional Spanish Courses – 15 credit hours

  • SPAN 3030 Professional Spanish for Business 1
  • SPAN 3040 Professional Spanish for Business 2
  • SPAN 3200 Spanish Culture
    or SPAN 3220 Latin American Culture: Spanish American and Brazil
    or SPAN 3420 Catalan Culture
  • SPAN 4060 Problems of Business Translation in Spanish 1
  • SPAN 4070 Problems of Business Translation in Spanish 2

Spanish Language Courses – 17 credit hours

  • SPAN 3000 Advanced Spanish Language Skills
  • SPAN 3100 Literary Analysis in Spanish
  • SPAN 3120 Advanced Spanish Grammar
  • Any SPAN 4000-level course
  • Upper-division elective (recommended: SPAN 3050, 3310, 3340, 4930)

Courses in Leeds School of Business12 credit hours*

  • Business Minor – students must apply
  • BUSM 2001 Principles of Mgmt/Mktg
  • BUSM 2002 Principles of Acct/Finc
  • BUSM 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, 3005 – choose one track
  • BUSM 4001 Capstone

Students must apply for the business minor. Please follow the application guidelines in the above link. For questions specific to the Business minor, please contact the Business School.
*Double degree students take BCOR from Leeds.

Course in Economics

  • ECON 3403 International Economics and Policy

Area Courses – 12 credit hours

Students are required to take courses outside the Spanish and Portuguese Department in a field related to their professional interests or a second major or degree. These may include courses in business, economics, computer science, linguistics, another foreign language, Chicano studies, Latin American studies and international affairs, and any course dealing with the Hispanic world from anthropology, history, political science, and geography. An advisor must approve courses meeting this requirement.

Six credit hours may be taken in lower-division courses.

Six credit hours must be taken in upper-division courses.

Two different degrees (i.e., a BA and BFA from the College of Arts and Sciences, or two degrees from different schools or colleges) may be earned from CU-Boulder if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The student meets the residency requirements of, and is enrolled in, both the College of Arts and Sciences and the college or school granting the second degree.
  • For the BA and BFA degrees, 90 credit hours of arts and sciences course work are required (courses from outside arts and sciences that have been approved for the arts and sciences core curriculum will apply toward the 9-credit hours.
  • The student has completed all general education and major requirements of the College of A&S.
  • Both degrees must be awarded at the same time.

To declare your major in International Spanish for the Professions, please schedule an appointment with our Department Professional Advisor.