Associate Professor • Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Spanish and Portuguese

Global Seminar Director: Lisbon as a Global City: Cosmopolitanism, Diversity and Innovation (Lisbon, Portugal)
Co-director of journal e-Letras Com Vida (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)

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Current Semester Office Hour: Thursday, 2:00-3:00pm or by appointment

Professor Martuscelli welcomes both MA and PhD students. She is particularly interested in mentoring graduate students in the fields Modern and contemporary Portuguese and Brazilian Poetry, Art, Fiction, Lusophone African literature, Lusophone Culture, Transatlantic Studies, Portuguese and Brazilian Avant-Garde Movements, Cultural Studies/Decolonial Studies/Identity Studies.



Research Areas

Modern and contemporary literature of the Portuguese-speaking world; Surrealism and other avant-gardes; Transatlantic Studies; Cultural Hybridity; Decoloniality in Literature and the Arts.


Mário-Henrique Leiria was an acclaimed writer, essayist, and painter who joined the Surrealist group in Portugal in the late 1940s. In order to avoid political persecution during Salazar dictatorship, Leiria moved to São Paulo, Brazil. He lived there for nine years. Back in Portugal in 1970, Leiria published two best-selling books: The Gin and Tonic Short Stories (1973), and New Stories of the Gin (1974). This third volume brings to light a side of the author that was until now unknown to the public: his manifestos, art and literary criticism and letters.

Most Recent Articles

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  • “Cruzeiro Seixas em Luanda e o Surrealismo em Angola.” Revista Triplov de Artes,
    religiões e Ciências, Series Breve Panorama do Surrealismo em Portugal, (dir./org.) Rui
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  • “Intelectuais portugueses e brasileiros: tópicos para uma discussão de hibridismo
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  • “Hibridismo e Hospitalidade na Literatura: a relação entre Portugal e o Brasil no século
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