Spring 2021 Commencement information:

CU Boulder will hold a livestreamed commencement ceremony on May 6 to recognize the many accomplishments of our graduates.
In addition, as part of Grad Appreciation Days, students are invited to attend several in-person opportunities leading up to the virtual commencement event.

Honoring our Spring 2021 Graduates!

Master of Arts, Hispanic Linguistics

Hannah Patricia Brett Cunningham

Érick García Pineda

Derrek Powell

Master of Arts, Peninsular and Latin American Literatures

Virgilio Fernando Acevedo

Álex Felipe Bermúdez Manjarrés

Lucía Escamilla González

Eduardo Montes Romero

Bachelor of Arts, Spanish

Margarita Alvarez Contreras, Spanish, International Affairs, Political Science Minor, Business Minor

Carly Apple, Spanish, Women & Gender Studies

Benjamin Wallace Behlow, Psychology, Spanish, Portuguese Minor

Iralynn Carmona, Spanish, Psychology, Leadership Studies Minor

Nathan Do, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Spanish for the Professions, Neuroscience, Computer Science Minor

Natalie Rose Fitch, Spanish
"Thank you for everything and the unconditional support!"

Alice Michelle Garcia Saucedo, Spanish, International Affairs

Julia Lynn Gentry, Spanish, Education Minor, with distinction

Wren Green, Spanish, Political Science

Sophia Renee Gustafson, Sociology, Spanish

Erica Hanson Hawley, Spanish, Neuroscience

Haley Marie Herrmann, Spanish, Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences, Linguistics Minor

Sarah Marie Howard, Spanish, with distinction

Shaye Delaney Kenny, Psychology, Spanish

Kimberly Noemi Lozano Casas, Psychology, Spanish, Business Minor
Thank you to my friends and family that have been with me for every step of the way. Although my time at CU has come to an end, I couldn’t have done it without your endless support and words of encouragement when I needed them the most. 

Natalie Luna, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Spanish Language and Culture

Dylan Lurey, Spanish, Psychology

Charles Edward Mahoney, Spanish

Claire Maxfield Maroney, Spanish, Linguistics Minor, Italian Minor

Cassandra Marquez, Integrative Physiology, Spanish

Regan Michelle McMahon, Spanish
"Mil gracias a mis profesores y compañeros - ¡ha sido un placer estudiar con ustedes! Thank you to my family for your unconditional love and support!"

Zujey Miranda-Gandarilla, Spanish, Neuroscience, Licensure in Teaching Secondary Science, Certificate in Native American and Indigenous Studies

Massiel Jhandery Moncada, Spanish

Grant Thomas Morgan, Biochemistry, Spanish*

Sky Kristel Rodriguez, Spanish, Psychology

Joaquin Ross Tellechea, History, Spanish

Emma Rose Sanderson, Spanish, International Affairs

Nicole Anne Tornabene, Spanish

Taylor Vaughan, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Spanish, Sociology Minor*

Arden Alise van Beek, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Spanish

Adriel Vazquez, Political Science, Spanish

Sarah Ellen Whitehead, Spanish*
"Thank you to my friends and family for the support that you have shown to me throughout the years. I love and appreciate you all very much!"

Bachelor of Arts, Spanish for the Professions

Brianne Susan Blot, Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences, Spanish for the Professions

Hunter Chase Capreol, Spanish for the Professions, Philosophy Minor

Elizabeth Corona Jimenez, Spanish for the Professions, International Affairs

Nicholas Andres Decker, Economics, Spanish for the Professions

Alice Michelle Garcia Saucedo, International Affairs, Spanish for the Professions

Shaila Dawn Relon Hall-Korb, Spanish for the Professions, Education Minor, Business Minor

Valeria Hernandez Maldonado, Spanish for the Professions, Psychology, Ethnic Studies Minor

Jasey Joohi Kim, Spanish for the Professions***

Jordana Alexis Levine, Spanish for the Professions, Leadership Studies Minor

DiemMy Pham Nguyen, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Spanish for the Professions

Philip Michael McManus, Economics, Spanish for the Professions

Nicolas A Meklo, Linguistics, Spanish for the Professions, Korean Language and Culture Minor

Vanessa Lopez Sandoval, Spanish for the Professions, Business Minor

Ian Cuauhtzin Sevier Barrios, Integrative Physiology, Spanish for the Professions

Tayler Leigh Shaw, Spanish for the Professions
Tayler Shaw is graduating with a dual degree in Spanish and journalism, as well as minors in anthropology and leadership studies. She could not have done it without the support of her family (especially her parents), friends and the wonderful staff and faculty she has met at CU Boulder. Thank you all! 

Lauren Sikerica, Spanish for the Professions, Business Minor
Since I was a little girl I dreamed of graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder and now I can officially say I have. Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me these past 4.5 years, I couldn't have done it without you. Sko Buffs!!

Ariana Rae Squire, Psychology, Spanish for the Professions

Harrison Tankersley, Spanish for the Professions, Business Minor


*Phi Beta Kappa Honors
***summa cum laude