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Administrative Assistant III
Spanish and Portuguese

McKenna 126

Shannon received her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from CU Boulder in 2019 and her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and French in 2011. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and teaching scuba diving. She is a proud alumna of the Golden Buffalo Marching Band and Phi Sigma Pi. 

Shannon is the Administrative Assistant III for Spanish and PortugueseAsk Shannon if you have questions regarding:

  • Summer curriculum scheduling
  • Instructor reappointments
  • Office-related inquiries, including general inquiries, copier, mailboxes, McKenna 103, etc.
  • Undergraduate enrollment assistance
  • Department calendar 
  • Assisting prospective graduate students and faculty with the application process
    • Shannon will direct financial questions related to this process to Doreen.
  • Graduate student office keys, desk keys, and name plates
  • Requests for website edits
    • If you are requesting edits to your profile on the website, you must submit your edits exactly as you wish for them to appear.
  • Office Keys
  • Booking an event room, but only if event is approved by department chair/associate chairs and the room request is submitted to Shannon at least 3 weeks in advance of the event
  • Requests you may have for assistance from the student employee.