The Department of Spanish and Portuguese has an interdisciplinary major in Spanish for the Professions. This option in the Spanish major offers exciting career possibilities, both in government and private industry, at home and abroad. Languages are extremely useful in business, industry, commerce, civil service, law, library science, media, science, economics, health and social sciences. Students who follow this course of study could also qualify as teachers of general business subjects in bilingual as well as traditional school systems. This major has the approval of the College of Arts and Sciences and has the cooperation of the Leeds School of Business. Those choosing this major will not be able to enter our graduate program in Spanish without fulfilling the requirements in the Language and Literature major.

Students with bilingual and international interests with majors other than Spanish (i.e., Latin American Studies, International Affairs, Chicano Studies, Economics, Law, Nursing, Public Administration, and Journalism) may participate by choosing appropriate electives in the International Spanish for the Professions major.

International Spanish for the Professions is a controlled enrollment major which takes two years to complete. Spanish 3040 and 4070 must be taken at CU-Boulder.

PhotoNameContact Information
Mary Long Picture Mary K. Long
Senior Instructor • Spanish for the Professions Director • Spanish 3000 Levels Coordinator
Spanish and Portuguese
Karen Malcolm Photo Karen Malcolm
Instructor • Service Learning Coordinator • 2000 Level Coordinator (Fall 19)
Spanish and Portuguese