Please Note: Tutors are not allowed to aid Spanish Department students with their class compositions. Please refer to your class instructor.

The University of Colorado and the Department of Spanish & Portuguese does not compensate anyone listed for their services. Individuals must make arrangements with the tutor/translator to cover fees.

Spanish Tutors and Translators from the Department

Allani, Paola / 970.599.3002/ Mexico
Becher, Anne / USA, Costa Rica, Translator Only
Cardenas, Alexander / USA, Peru
Elmore, Vivian / Peru, Tutor Only
Garcia Oyervides, Juan / Mexico, Chile
Malcolm, Karen / Spain, Mexico, South America
Moreno, Maria / Spain
Perez-Pamies, Susanna / Spain (Catalan & Spanish)
Piras, Cristina / Peru, Tutor Only

Spanish Tutors and Translators from Outside the Department

Aloisio, Miriam / Argentina
Arauz Castex, Lulú /Argentina, Translator only
Aziz, Juan Carlos / 970.343.2092/ Mexico
Castellanos Ku, Yolanda / 303.667.3081 / Colombia
Crawford, Danice / 720.938.8616 / United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic
Faulkner, David / 720.290.2565 / United States, Mexico
Glover, Allison / 413.884.4419 / United States, Central America, Mexico, South America
Graham, Lori / 206.427.6626 / United States, Central America, South America
Killinger, Marc / 720.483.8757/ Chile, Mexico, Tutor Only
Olson, Rosalie / 720.233.8343 / Mexico
Peck, Veronica / Spain, North America, Tutor
Uvalle Ordonez, Nancy / Mexico, Translator Only
Villalpando, Jesús / México
Vimercati, Lara / Spain

Portuguese Tutors and Translators from Outside the Department

Correia Scherer, Nathalia / 415.712.5098 / Brazil
Marques, Luciana / 720.839.2310 / Brazil 
Shadid, Jamie / Brazil
Silva, Cris / 303.946.5280 / Brazil (Translation only)