Associate Professor • Co-Director, Study Abroad Global Seminar in Barcelona
Spanish and Portuguese

Spring 2024 office hours: Wednesdays 2:00 - 3:00pm and by appointment

McKenna 225



Professor Krauel welcomes both MA and PhD students. He is particularly interested in mentoring graduate students in the fields of 19C-20C Spanish and Catalan literature and culture, cultural history, and the history of emotions.

Research Areas

19C-20C Spanish and Catalan literatures and cultures; the history of emotions; cultural history; law and humanities.


  • Un intelectual en tiempos sombríos. Francisco Ayala, entre la razón y las emociones (1929-1949). Editorial Universidad de Granada-Fundación Francisco Ayala, 2022. 382 pages. You can find more information about the book here.

  • Imperial Emotions: Cultural Responses to Myths of Empire in Fin-de-Siècle Spain. Liverpool: Liverpool UP, 2013 (Open Access edition available). The book reconsiders debates about historical memory from the perspective of the theory of emotions. Its main claim is that the demise of the Spanish empire in 1898 spurred a number of contradictory emotional responses, ranging from mourning and melancholia to indignation, pride, and shame. It shows how intellectuals sought to reimagine a post-Empire Spain by drawing on myth and employing a predominantly emotional register, a contention that departs from current scholarly depictions of the fin-de-siècle crisis in Spain that largely leave the role of both emotions and imperial myths in that crisis unexplored. 

Edited Journal Issue

Selected Articles

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