Our MA in Spanish with an emphasis in Peninsular and Latin American Literatures is designed to give the student a broad overview of the cultural productions of the Latin American and Peninsular worlds. MA Students are required to take 30 hours of graduate coursework. All MA students in the Peninsular/Latin American Literature Option are required to take:

  • SPAN-5130 Seminar: Critical Approaches to Hispanic Literature
  • One Hispanic linguistics course:
    • SPAN-5400 Seminar: Spanish Phonology
    • SPAN-5410 Seminar: Spanish Syntax
    • SPAN-5420 Seminar: History of the Spanish Language
    • SPAN-5430 Seminar: Hispanic Linguistics
    • SPAN-5440 Seminar: Trends in Hispanic Linguistics
    • SPAN-5450 Introduction to Hispanic Literature Linguistics
    • SPAN-5460 Topics in Spanish Applied Linguistics
  • SPAN 4980 Methods Language Learning/Pedagogy

In addition, students in the Peninsular and Spanish American Literature Option are required to take a minimum of six graduate credit hours in each of the following subject areas:

  1. Medieval/Early Modern/Colonial Literature
  2. Modern and Contemporary Peninsular Literature
  3. Modern and Contemporary Spanish American Literature



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(Deadline is December 1st 2024 if you are applying as international student, December 15 2024, if you are applying as national)