Esther Brown

Associate Professor • Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Spanish and Portuguese
Research Areas Usage-based phonology, language variation and change, the Spanish of New Mexico Selected Articles Brown, Esther L. 2018. “Cumulative exposure to phonetic reducing environments marks the lexicon: Spanish /d-/ words spoken in isolation”. Functionalist and Usage-based Approaches to the Study of Language: In honor of Joan L. Bybee . John Benjamins. 192, 127. Rivas, Javier, Esther L. Brown, & Mayra Cortés-Torres. 2018. Variable subject pronominal expression in non-finite clauses:...

Javier Rivas

Associate Professor
Spanish and Portuguese
Research Areas Functional syntax, usage-based approaches, language variation and change. Books 2004 . Clause Structure Typology: Grammatical Relations in Cross-Linguistic Perspective . Lugo: Tris Tram. 2000. Ergativity and Transitive Gradients in the Accusative and Infinitive Construction. A Cross-Linguistic Typological Approach . Universidade de Santiago de Compostela: Servizo de Publicacións. Articles 2019. Bringing purported black sheep into the fold: Galician inflected infinitives and Puerto Rican Spanish pre-verbal infinitival subject pronouns. Languages...