The Ph.D. in Spanish with an emphasis in Peninsular and Latin American Literatures track at CU-Boulder provides great flexibility for students wishing to chart their own intellectual path while acquiring a solid foundation in literary studies. Students work closely together with our faculty members in a broad range of topics. Graduate seminars are usually small, between five and twelve students, allowing for interaction and collaboration between students and professors.

At CU-Boulder, Ph.D. students can choose a concentration in any thematic, geographical or chronological area pertaining to the literatures and cultures of Spanish-speaking and Lusophone societies, provided that there is a faculty member willing and able to work with the student in said area and the topic falls within the scope of the departmental mission. 

By the end of their second semester in the program, students are required to choose a Faculty Advisor (normally this faculty member becomes the Chair of the PhD Supervisory Committee), with whom they will plan their program of study thereafter.

Before the end of a student's third semester in the program, they must form a PhD Supervisory Committee (PhDSC). The PhDSC, which advises the student in all matters pertaining to the PhD program, will consist of five members of the graduate faculty and must be approved by the department Chair. The Chair of the PhDSC must be a member of the department's graduate faculty. During the course of doctoral studies, a student must take at least one seminar with each member of his/her PhDSC.

Within two weeks of being constituted, each PhDSC or its Chair will meet with the student to discuss their program of study. The Associate Chair for Graduate Studies will be an ad hoc member of this committee.

Students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours in graduate seminars in Spanish and/or related fields numbered 5000 or above. Students can take as many as 9 graduate credit hours outside the department. 

For more information, please see our Graduate Manual.