A unique feature of our department Ph.D. in Spainish is our emphasis in Medieval and Early Modern Hispanic Studies. Few programs in the nation can match the strength of Colorado’s faculty and course offerings in Medieval and Early Modern literatures. We have a vibrant student body, a supportive environment, and we have had tremendous success in placing our students at both liberal arts colleges and research universities.

Students choosing the track in Medieval/Early Modern Hispanic Literatures choose one major and three minor areas of specialization from the following subject areas: Medieval Iberian Literature; Early Modern Spanish Literature; Colonial Spanish American Literature; and one other area. Students complete a minimum of nine graduate credit hours in their major area of specialization and six hours of graduate credit hours in each of their minor areas. By the time students finish their coursework, they have an unrivaled background in Medieval and Early Modern Hispanic Literatures.

If you wish to know more, please consult our Graduate Manual.