General Travel Procedures


  • All travel is booked through and/or quotes received from Christopherson Business Travel.
  • When booking online through Concur Travel you will need to choose the default CU ghost card as payment and approve your itinerary.
  • On the last screen, they will ask you for your speedtype. Give Doreen's contact info to travel agent as the approver (so they will send a copy of your itinerary to the department).
  • If booking through a Christopherson Business Travel a $20 service fee is assessed against the ticket.
  • If a Christopherson Travel quote is more than the cost of another travel site, the traveler may buy the airfare ticket using a personal credit card/funds. Internet Airfare Policy Update:
    Effective August 1, 2020, the Internet Airfare Purchases policy requires a comparison quote from Concur for the exact itinerary (same dates, times, and airline/s) as the internet airfare you’re interested in purchasing.
    • NOTE: A ticket bought from some place other than Christopherson Business Travel it is not reimbursable until AFTER the travel and has taken place and ONLY if a Christopherson Businsess Travel quote is provided with the Travel Reimbursement form to Doreen.

University Travel Card

The University Travel Card is to be used while in active travel status, only.

  • The University Travel Card cannot be used to purchase internet travel nor items when NOT in travel status, i.e., research books, University hosted meals, etc.
  • It is highly recommended that the University Travel Card not be used to purchase meals while in travel status. In almost every case the per diem for the travel location is more than the actual meal expense.
  • Every purchase using the University travel card requires a detailed receipt showing what was bought.

Conference Registration

  • The traveler may pay Conference Registration fees with a personal credit card.
    • NOTE: The University Travel Card cannot be used. The traveler will be reimbursed for Registration Fees after travel is complete.
  • The traveler can opt to have the Department Front Office pay for conference registration fees using your funding source information. Please email Doreen or Shannon and provide the following information:
    • Registration internet site
    • User name/password
    • Amount
    • Funding Source

Reimbursements/Expense Reconciliation

  • Reimbursement of expenses is processed according to your available funding source balance.
    • When seeking travel reimbursement take special care to account for Christopherson Travel tickets, Conference Fee Registration, and purchases using your University Travel Card.
  • Within three days of a traveler's return to the University, the travel is to complete the Travel Reimbursement form and include scans of:
    • Meals and incidentals should be paid for directly by traveler and can be reimbursed after travel (no receipts needed)​
    • All detailed receipts for purchases using the University Travel Card.
    • Detailed receipts for purchases using a personal credit card for which the traveler is seeking reimbursement. Please refer to the PSC Procedure Statement: Travel for details.
    • Boarding Tickets.
    • Conference Program cover and page listing the paper presentation title.
  • NOTE: Per University of Colorado policy, reimbursement for early check-in/seat assignments, late fees or alcohol purchases are not allowed.

Arts and Sciences Instructor Travel Fund

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a funding opportunity called the A&S Instructor Travel Fund to support Instructor and Senior Instructor travel for professional pursuits. You can find information about this fund here (see link "Instructor Travel Fund (PDF)" at the bottom of the A&S webpage): 

If you wish to purchase airfare, please let Doreen know that your flight purchase is in relation to your approved A&S instructor funding request. Please send her documented proof of funding and work with her to identify the correct speedtype against which to allocate your flight. Your flight costs cannot exceed the $600 (domestic) or $800 (international) limit. Please refer to the Instructor Travel Fund Procedures on the Department's website.

After completing your travel, please submit 1) the written approval for travel from the Chair, 2) the written approval for funding from A&S and 3) your related receipts up to $600 for domestic travel or $800 for international travel (remember to deduct your flight costs, if you have any) to Doreen for reimbursement using the department form.

International Travel

CU International Travel Policy

Approval for international travel is now required prior to booking the trip.

International Travel requires contacting an agent Christopherson Business Travel a $20 service fee is assessed against the ticket

  • NOTE: if you do not receive approval in advance of your trip, your travel reimbursement may not be approved.

Currency Conversion. When using the currency converter remember to go one day past the date on the receipt for an accurate conversion rate.

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