The Elizabeth Brower Fund supports the development of improved methods for the teaching of Spanish and assists students who upon graduation from UCB will be teaching Spanish.

Thanks to the Elizabeth Brower Fund, funding is available to CU Boulder Secondary Spanish Teaching Licensure Candidates, graduate students and faculty members for activities related to the development and improvement of language teaching.

Funding Opportunities:

  • Scholarships for Secondary Spanish Teaching Licensure Candidates (undergraduate, Post-Baccalaureate and MA students): CU Boulder Secondary Spanish Teaching Licensure Candidates may apply for scholarships of up to $1000 for the semester in which they will be completing student teaching.

After funds have been set aside for Secondary Spanish Teaching Licensure Candidate scholarships, remaining funds will be available for the following activities:

  • Attendance at language teaching conferences and workshops: CU Boulder Secondary Spanish Teaching Licensure Candidates (Undergrad and Post-Baccalaureate candidates), TAs, GPTIs, and Faculty (Lecturers, Instructors, Senior Instructors and TTT Professors) may apply for grants of up to $600 to attend language teaching-related conferences and workshops (i.e. annual conferences for CCFLTCSCTFL , SWCOLT, ACTFL, AATSP, ISLSP-CIBER,  MLA; trainings or workshops offered by the National Foreign Language Resource Center, or other language-teaching organizations).
    • Student applicants must be enrolled at CU Boulder at the time of the conference or workshop in order to be eligible for funding.  Faculty must have already exhausted their travel and research funds before applying.
    • Lecturers may apply for funding for activities taking place during the semester(s) they are contracted to teach for the Department. 
    • Awardees receiving funds to attend conferences and workshops will be required to write a brief summary of the highlights of the event they attended. These summaries will be shared publicly in order to further fulfill the Elizabeth Brower Gift Fund purpose of developing improved methods for the teaching of Spanish. Post-award summaries should be emailed to and
  • Student memberships: CU Boulder Secondary Spanish Teaching Licensure Candidates and TAs and GPTIs may apply for grants to pay for first-time student memberships in teaching-related organizations.
  • On-campus workshops and talks by guest presenters: CU Boulder graduate students or faculty may apply for grants of up to $1500 to organize on-campus workshops/talks by guest presenters for events related to Spanish language teaching.  Funds can be used for honoraria, travel and lodging for the presenter(s).
    • CU Boulder graduate student applicants should discuss their ideas with their faculty mentor or advisor before finalizing their proposal and include a summary of this meeting in the proposal.
    • A CV for each guest presenter should be included in the proposal.
    • Guidelines for honoraria payments should be reviewed and the proposal should reflect this.

Application and Submission Deadlines:

Applications for funding are due on the 1st of September, October, November, December, February, March and April.  One application per academic year per individual will be considered.  Funds will be awarded until each academic year's allowance is exhausted, therefore it is preferable to apply early. 

Apply Here

Questions before you apply?

Please email Anne Becher, Senior Instructor of Spanish, at